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Expert Office Relocation in Dublin! It’s a Smart Business Move!

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Let the experts help you with your office move. We can provide help to your employees, too!

You may turn to HouseMovers for professional assistance if you are planning a transfer for an office, a company, or some other form of commercial facility. For businesses, organizations, and associations, we performed all sorts of commercial removals in Dublin.

Whether it’s a library, a hospital, or a retail store, we have the tools and know-how to offer a smooth moving experience. At the same time, we understand very well that your equipment is fragile and costly so we will handle it with utmost care and make sure it reaches the new address intact.

We provide personalized programs and flexible working hours, for your convenience. Early moves, late moves, we can do them next day or we can move on a bank holiday. We realize that the more time you spend on packaging and shipping, the more money your company loses. We are trying to prevent that kind of trouble. Ask our helpful phone operators about the earliest slot available to help you pack all your things and move them to your new address, or storage off-site.


Who Can Take Advantage of Our Commercial Removals Service: can relocate your retail business, whatever kind of shop you run. On request, all chairs, shelves and other show furniture will be carefully removed and packed. Then, your movables will be assembled and transported to your new destination by professional removalist. We are available 7 days a week, so you can choose a weekend with us for a stress-free commercial removals service.

Offices on the move? Instead, count on HouseMovers to easily pack and move your equipment and furniture into the new premises. You can also book our moving solutions to be held in the evening to remove any interruption to your work process. Clearly state your needs and we will do our best to fulfill them. Moving overseas is not a concern for us, either.

Relocating medical practices can be a challenge, because expensive equipment can be treated and transported. But, not for House Movers, as we have the expertise and commitment to perform our company removals services to the highest standard. So, don’t hesitate to tell us about your specific requests!

Our company can also affordably and under full insurance support to move your takeaway, restaurant, bakery, cafe, or catering business. We can either come on site and estimate the volume of the load that needs to be moved or you can show us all the information through a video link. This way, you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of disturbing your daytime operations. Please note we can also continue with the actual move outside business hours. You can also call us for delivery of boxes and packaging materials to shorten your to – do list and not have to spend time wondering where to get them.

It’s not a common event to transfer a library but it happens occasionally. And with the painstaking work of assembling all the paperback, paperback books and exclusive, exclusive editions, we can support you comfortably, so you don’t need to. To save you time and effort we will supply all the packing materials and boxes of different sizes. HouseMovers specialists will follow your directions for packing so that books do not get mixed up in the process. If there is too much to pack and not enough time, don’t worry, you can book a packing service for which we can send a team to pack before the transfer.